Arcticboy's AMC Television Clips

I clipped these stills with my old work horse Mac 6100AV
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Malloy's Matador Coupe from Adam12
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Al Bundy's Gremlin from Married With Children

68/69 Javelin from beginning of The Streets of San Francisco
Note: has 68/69 AMX stripes

Bobby Alison's Matador Coupe

1968 Ambassador from Private Parts

Rebel from AMC mock driving school ad

Javelin from Adam12

Spirit Sedan

Lost and Found 63 Rambler Classic
(courtesy of Carnuck)

Emergeny Pacer

Eminem Video Pacer
See more of Eminems Pacer

Futurama Pacer called the La Toura

Pacer from ad

Pacers from Bare Naked Ladies video Pinch Me
See More BNL Pacer Picts

Concord from Batman movie
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Pacer fron the movie Car Wash
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