Strange AMC Page 5

From 1967 Owners Manual


AMC Art by Don Peyton (thanks to John Boksz)




Gremlin Convertible and Metropolitan Plate
(another thanks to John Boksz)



Video Clips froma 1950s Kelvinator Ad
Nash/American Motors owner the Kelvinator Company from about 1936-1968






What a Pacer Ricer would look like(thanks to adam giguere)


Reclining Seat Ad


I Don't know what's going on here


Canadian 63 Rambler Classic wagon in the winter
(forgot which canadian sent it to me)


1973 Designer Seats
Cardin Javelin Seat, Levi's Gremlin Seat, and Gucci Hornet Seat




1947 Nash used as artwork in a how to use After Effects MacAddict article


American Thrill Show Astro Spiral Javelin
See My Thrill Show Page for More American Thrill Show Pictures


Photoshop fun by


Poster and model kit offer from 1969


1970 Promo Toy ads

Trans AM Game


AMC Prez of the 1950s-early 60s George Romney


1966 Promo Models


1974 AM General Motor Home
comes with front wheel drive AMC 360 or 401. See More Motor Home Picts


1947 Nash Ambassador Limo


Wagoneer Limo


Always workin' on it

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