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1967 Right Hand Drive Ambassador Mail Car


Another cool AMX prototype.


Odd looking AMX prototype with the workers. It has the 1967American rearend design. It was stolen in Kenosha, Wisconsin never to be seen again (courtesy planet houston amx).


Performance options ad


Aluminum 6 cylinder testing
(courtesy of AMCRC Rambler Reader)


1960 AMC Muskrat with Rambler 196 Aluminum 6 cylinder
(courtesy of AMCRC Rambler Reader)



AMXIII prototypes




RECAP (get it?), a car hauler whose most distinctive design element is an AMC Pacer, mounted backwards. Eddie Whitehead, Stillwater, Oklahoma,designed and constructed this using a '90 GMC 1-ton front frame, International 5-ton rear frame and Ford 460/C-6 power train.
Photo courtesy of Jay Honeycutt"


Swedish Rambler ads courtesy of Michael Liebgott The Swedish AMC/Rambler Society. In Europe AMC's were sold in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Holland, Denmark, Great Britain, France and other European countries.

AMC Bike flags promotion(courtesy eddie stakes)


AMX Turbo Prototype sketch by Dick Teague (famous AMC designer)


These late 1970's concept cars show the design direction AMC was going to take into the 1980's. They keep the unique and funky AMC look of the Gremlin and Pacer. Unfortunately, labor and financial problems kept them from ever becoming a reality.This is around the time Renault bought into AMC hoping to sell Renaults through the AMC dealer network in the USA It's a shame they didn't get to make them, there certainly weren't any cars like this made in the 1980's.



AMC Pants


Ahead of their time again 1967 Child Belts


HMS Rambler


Dick Teague Famous AMC stylist


Styling Studio


Rambler on Check (courtesy John Beatty)


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