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1967 Rebel in Baja. The Rebel actually did well in Baja. They tore a hole in the transmission pan, which slowed them down. They were able to get it to a town to get a new one.

This one is a 1968 (note the famous AMC paddle door handle, which started in 1968)


1966 Classic Rebel

1967 Rebel

1968 Rebel

1968 Rebel Dash

1968 Rebel SST HardTop

1967 Ad

1969 Rebel SST Wagon

1968 Rebel SST Wagon

1967 Rebel 550 Sedan

Grant Rebel Ad

67 Wagon

1968 Rebel and American Magazine Ad

1969 Rebel Ad

1967 Special Addition Wagons

1967 Rebel Special Addition Wagon articles

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