4 Seasons and AMCRC Meet
New Hampshire July 1999

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Sorry that I don't know who all of the owners are.
Feel free to email me and I'll add your name to your car picture.

One of my favorites of the show 63 American 440
(my brother in law Dan filming me)

Interior shot of this great American (clipped from dan's video)

Pair of Red American Convertibles
(62 and 63...I believe)

Another of my favorites from the show
beautifully done 1960 Rambler Cross Country wagon

Beautiful Pacer D/L


78 V8 Pacer


The granddaddy of the show 48 Nash Ambassador

65 Americans

1960 Rebel V8 owned by Jay Henry of R.I.

perfect 64 american wagon


Even his 196 motor was perfect



1962 rambler classic rear view - carl pistocco

Matador coupe

67 American 440

58 Rambler

61 Ambassador


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