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VAM was owned by the Mexican government and licensed it's models from AMC.

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Mexico Only Model The Lerma
Cross between the Concord and the Spirit

Lerma 4 door pictures from a French Movie with Mexican chase scene
courtesy Alexander Beyer, Germany


1977 Gremlin

1974 Rambler American = AMC Hornet and Hornet Sportabout in US

1974 Classic = AMC Matador Sedan in the US

1983 Jeep Wagoneer (Looks like the US version of the Cherokee)

1983 American = AMC Concord in the US

1977 American Rally. This has the 77 Gremlin nose.

1972 Classic Brougham = AMC Matador SST or Ambassador Brougham in the US

1975 Gremlin.

1975 American = AMC Hornet in US

1975 American Rally = AMC Hornet in US.

1976 Pacer.

1976 American Wagon = AMC Hornet Sportabout

1983 Gremlin = AMC Spirit Sedan in US

1976 American = AMC Hornet

1974 Classic AMX = AMC Matador X Coupe


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