Arcticboy's AMC Television Clips

I clipped these stills with my old work horse Mac 6100AV
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Psycho cop taking Pacer owners keys (speedvision ad)

Banacek custom AMX-called Project Phoenix

1969 AMX Pace Car starting Trans Am race

1971 Matador race car crash

Bobby Alison's 1975 Matador Coupe

1972 Matador police cars (Rockford and Quincy)

1974 Matador police cars (Man with the golden Gun)

Seinfeld's 1966 American 440 hardtop (American express ad)

George Romney, head of AMC mid 50's to early 60's

The Movie The Betsy used footage of AMC plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin

(tape courstesy of Tom Benvie)

Orange 78 Gremlin going into spray booth

78 Concord Hatchback

Concord seats, white Gremlin in background

AMC design studio (AMC book circled)

78 Concord gets glass

Almost finished Concords

Radio, heater control unit installation

Wrecked Pacer from movie Last Night (courtesy of christopher salvaing)

The Wedding Singer's Gremlin

Dukes of Hazard Matador Police car

Matador Sheriff's car from Gumball Rally

Breadbox American crash from Gumball Rally

71-73 style GremlinX from Crocodile Dundee (courtesy of carnuck)

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77 Gremlin from The Car

72 Matador Push from The Car

Goofy Movie Pacer
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Dead Man Walking Pacer
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