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Here is some neat stuff from Arcticboy's AMC toy collection

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Johnny Lightning has been making neat AMC diecast cars for the lastfew years. They are a bit harder to find than their other cars. but they really did an awesome job on them.


The Coin comes with them too!

Rambler Sc/Rambler



1969 AMC/SS (Super Stock) AMC's factory drag car
The toy is based on Shirley Shahan's rwb real car




Diamond Dallas Page Wrestling AMX

Based on a real customized 1960 American 2 door wagon "The Rumbler"


Rebel Machines


Matchbox Jeep

70's GremlinX Hot Wheel

Faux Matadors, it looks enough like a Matador that I call it a Matador (especially roof lines, upper rear quarter and trunk area).

1977 Hot Wheels Packin Pacer.


Racing Champions did a great Pacer diecast
This Jester Pacer paint job is pretty bad. Another Racing Champions

RC Street Wheels and Casper The Friendly Ghost Pacers

Stomper Eagle SX/4

AMXII Hot Wheel

Faux Hornet painted up like James Bond's (paint-fred donaher)

70's style Cherokee

Jeep Scrambler Hot Wheel

Tyco Javelin Slot Car

Gremlin Tootsie Toy

Gremlin Tootsie Toys

Goofy Movie Pacer

Piggy Bank

Hot Wheels BBG AMX and Plymouth GTX set


ThunderJet Javelins. They are friction cars with bodies that are
made to snap onto your AFX slot cars.

Here's some neat toys that I don't own. Thanks to my AMC buddies for the pictures.

Really Cool AMX Light Beam Operated Car (thanks to blair supple for the photo)


AMX Big Bad colors promo models

These are too cool...transistor AM radios with flashing to the music lights
(scan courtesy of lu delucy)


More model scans from lu delucy






Some of my key chain collection


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