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1956 Rambler Palm Beach Prototype designed by Pinin Farina



The AMC Vixen prototype car from the late 60's. Much of it's styling was incorporated into the 1970 Hornet.


The AMC Cavelier prototype car from the late 60's. Doors and fenders were interchangable on oppisite sides. Again, much of the styling went on to become the Hornet.



Nash bought the Kelvinator refridgerator/appliance company in the 1930's. This 1957 ad has the American Motors logo at bottom.



WWII Nash Kelvinator ad. Nash made motors for Corsair airplanes.



The Lerma. Introduced in '81, built by VAM (Vehiculos Automotores de Mexico). VAM was owned by the Mexican government and licensed it's models from AMC. It was the first Mexico-only body design.
See more VAM Cars


1960 Rambulance.


Rambler dealership used car sign


Rambler Training Truck (thanks to Randolph Garrett).


1968 Paper Plate...for doughnuts at the dealership maybe?


1920's Rambler Playing Cards


1968Javelin customized and used in Wheels miniseries as The Hawk (courtesy of tom benvie)



AMC Cowboy. A prototype also known as the Gremlin Cowboy or Jeep cowboy. It has the Gremlin/Hornet front with a pick up bed. This one has the Jeep name on it (courtesy of eddie stakes planet houston amx).


1960 Metropolitan Wagon prototype

1950 Metropolitan prototypes NXI (left) Nki (right)


1969 license plate game. Something to keep the kids busy on long trips. Place a license plate sticker on the state when you see a car from that state (from planet houston amx).



Either a Matador Coupe owner discussing the AMC Buyer Protection Plan...
or a private dick asking the lab coated mad scientist about his big red time machine...


1964 Rambler Tarpon prototype (based on the American). This is the car Rambler buffs wish they had made. They went with this fastback body style on the bigger Classic to make the Marlin.


The Inspector....Vehicle Emission Enforcement from 1980 brochure.


What if AMC made a Gremlin Fle-X-bus (artwork by Fred Donaher).


We're clearing out the '74's to make room for the new '75's....



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