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Who Needs A Winnabago, when you have the Penthouse Sleeper?



Hornet Hatchback Camper kit.



1966 AMX Prototype with the "Rambleseat". The flip up rear windshield is pretty neat, and was supposed to allow conversation with other people in the car. The final production AMX (1968-1970) didn't look very different than this, but alas no "Rambleseat".



AMC Performance American Style book cover. It shows how to hot rod AMC's.

Interesting that this car uses 2 199 cid motors (the smallest of the 199, 232, 258 series 6 cylinders)


1979 AM-Van mini-van prototype turbo 4x4


1972 Gremlin "Voyageur" prototype with the roll out "Gremlin Grembin".


1974 Continental Airlines Gremlin giveaway car. Note the Continental logos on the seats (photos courtesy of eddie stakes planet houston amx). Update: It was bought by a movie company (Dreamworks) and shipped to England to be in a movie.


Always ahead of their time...the 1967 3 passenger AMC Armitron electric car prototype.


Apparently, this guy is the only Rambler Dealer with a hole in his head (matchbook)


An AMXIII prototype. Looks like a Javelin wagon.


AMC Stock


Special Argentine IKA Torino based on the 1964/1965 Rambler American Hardtop.
See More Torino Ads



Buy an AMC get a free TV. Jan and Feb 1971 promotional mail out brochure.
(courtesy of Tom Benvie)


1969 Ambassador Limo


1949 Nash Gum. Yum.


Supersvisor's Patch (courtesy Lu DeLucy)


1974 AM General (an American Motors Company) Bus (made from 1974-1979). Looking for a new museum home for this and other vintage buses. Contact Fred Donaher to save the buses.


1969..2 Big Bad Javelins and a Big Bad AMX (green car) representing the 3 Big Bad colors offered.


AMC Indy car photos courtesy of Alfred Koos of Alamo AMC




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