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French auto maker Renault bought stock in AMC in te late 70's to sell some of their cars through the AMC Dealership network in the US. They eventually bought more and more stock to help financially sure up AMC. They took control of AMC about 1983. The Renault Alliances and Encores were built in the AMC Kenosha, Wisconsin plant. The drive trains were made in France by Renault. Despite being named car of the year when they came out, they never sold too well. Renault sold AMC to Chrysler in the fall of 1987.

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1983 Alliance Ad

1983 Encore from brochure

1985 brochure AMC/Renault Alliances

AMC/Renault Encores


1987 brochure

AMC/Renault GTA Convertible

1988 Eagle Primier/Renault Medalion introduction brochure



1988 Press Release photos



Imported Renault Le Cars, Fuegos, and 18i's were sold through AMC dealerships .


I always thought that the sporty Fuego was a neat looking car.



Very Positive Review of The Renault Alliance

1983 Brochure


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