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1970 Rebel Machine. One of the rarest of the AMC muscle cars.
They came in the red, white and blue paint scheme, or you could get a solid color.


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1969 Rebel Raider (says $2699 on the door). These were Rebels painted the Big Bad colors (Orange, Green and Blue). They were only sold in New York and New Jersey. Picture is from a NY auto show. (courtesy of tom benvie)

1968 press photo

1967 Ad

1967 Rebel sst 4 door from brochure

1969 Rebel Taxi Cab from fleet brochure

1967 Rebel convertable.

1967 magazine ad.

Winner of 1957 Mobil Economy Run.

Grant funny car Rebel.


Rebel and Chevelle wagon comparison ad.

1970 base model Rebel from Gremlin brochure.

Odd Rod Card

1970 postcard


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