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1976 Great Ad!


Freetown, Massachusetts D.A.R.E Pacer Police Car
(special thanks to D.A.R.E. Officer Scott Rose)


Neat win-a-Pacer ad from April 1975 (courtesy of eddie stakes planet houston amx).




Goofy's Pacer.



Here are some Customized Pacers

Great Pacer pick up.
Made from a Pacer coupe, not a wagon! (courtesy of Kerry Kloiber)


This unusual little Pacer was the last in a long line of bubble top creations by noted customizer Darry Starbird. (courtesy of Eddie Stakes Planet Houston AMX)

Tough 4x4 Pacer wagon (coutresy of eddie stakes)

More custom Pacers (courtesy of Carnuck)


Pacer Racer!!!

Christmas Pacer (courtesy of eddie stakes)

Randall Pacer.
Randall was a Dealeship in Mesa, Arizona that was famous for making "New" custom AMC Hot Rod cars.



Race Car Driver Bobby Alison b and w Photo


Waynes World Pacer


1976 Pacers from sales brochure



1976 magazine ad




My Sister Janices 1976 Pacer was this color (seaspray green). Hers had the full size pointy chrome hub caps, not the small hubcaps.


Groovy 1970's sticker..


1975 show brochure


From 1979 brochure.


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