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Promotional Tagline: "You only ride like a Pacer,
if you're wide like a Pacer."
Pacers were made from 1975-1980

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From 1976 Salesman Accessories Brochure (thanks to David Hassan).


From 1975 Sales Brochure, first year of the Pacer.



Red, White, and Blue 1976 Bicentenial Pacer (photo courtesy of Eddie Stakes' Planet Houston AMX).


The original Pacer sketch from June 1971 done by Dick Teague, the most famous American Motors employee, he was the head of the design department. If you love the Pacer you must see Pascal Monney's Apacer Site. He has tons (and I mean tons) of Pacer sketches, and full size prototype pictures. If you think the finished product is wild looking, you should see the prototypes. He is located in Jura, Switzerland. The Pacer must look pretty cool cruising around Europe.

Notice the motor in the middle and the back passengers facing backwards.

From 1978 brochure. They raised the hood so they could fit a V-8 in them. Some people think that it took away from it's roundness. I think it made them look a little tougher.




1975 Pacer cutaway from car show brochure...or Anatomy of a Pacer.

More 1975 Pacer pictures from car show brochure.





Navajo Weave seats


Sales Brochure Scans (Nice Leisure Suit)
from 1977 car show brochure



1977 brochure




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