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**ArcticBoy's Top Pick**Tons of AMC Links can be found at Allan Flemming's AMC Links Page. A great place to look for AMC parts and literature sources on the web, as well as many more AMC pages. There are enough AMC Sites listed here to keep you busy for a long time. I don't have too many links because he has done the work and compiled tons of them. Some links are dated since Allan has had it up since 1996, but still a good resource.

I get a lot of emails from people looking for parts for their Nash/Rambler/AMC. I can't stress enough that if you love your car and plan on keeping it, join at least one of the national Nash/Rambler/AMC Clubs. You will be surprised how good a following these cars have, and how many people are buying/selling/trading AMC related stuff (cars and parts, literature, etc).

Here's a couple of good AMC Parts Vendors Lists.

  • Classic AMC of New England Club (I made this site and am a member)
  • New England 4 Seasons American Motors Rambler Club (I made this site and am a member)
  • Marlin Club Site (I made this site)
  • I have been a member of the AMC Rambler club since the early 1980's. They mail out a great packet of goodies every other month which includes: The Rambler Reader, parts sources, classifieds, and more. If you have an AMC Rambler you really should join. Please visit The AMC Rambler Club (I am a member)
  • AMO-American Motors Owners Association is the largest national AMC Club. Great improved Newsletter!! (I am a member)
  • Patrick Foster's OldeMilford Press Site. Great writer of many AMC books. New and improved site, and he's written more AMC related books!!!
  • AMC World Clubs Site The First AMC enthusiast club
  • AMC of Houston Club
  • AIM American Independent Magazine. Technical AMC magazine
  • Classic AMX Club of Portland Site. Order the AMC List Archive CD
  • Metropolitan Club Info
  • Nash Car Club of America
  • by John Rosa. A real AMC fanatic. He has lots of Javelin and Hi Performance AMC information.
  • The Rogue Site featuring Rogue and American registry
  • Blaser Auto - Nash, Rambler, AMC Mechanical Parts
  • AMC history, links, resources, AMC clubs and AMC List info can be found at Jim Stone's The AMX Files
  • Lots of stories, pictures, and history of the cool bubble car can be found at The Pacer Page
  • Amc fans in Europe...See The Swedish AMC/Rambler Society.
  • Alan Cardin's Nor Cal AMC Site. Nicely done site. Lots of parts vendor links.
  • AMC fans in Canada...see American Motors Club of Alberta
  • Eddie Stakes' site Vendor that also specializes in 68-74 AMX and Javelin parts, visit PlanetHoustonAMX
  • A page that I did for the CommonWealth Coach and Trolley Museum of Roanoke, VA Includes a picture of an AMC (AM General) Bus
  • Eric Nelson's Marlin Site
  • Peter Stathes' AMC Site-window sweeps and restoration rubber parts for Ramblers and AMCs
  • Clint and Bob Peters Gremlin and AMC powered Divco Milk truck site
  • GremChile's Gremlin Site
  • Jeff Puras' AMC Site-AMC Race Cars, Peach State AMC Club (Georgia)
  • Paul Dwyers Rambler Site Rambler Technical stuff
  • Pierre Bochamp's AMC racing site.
  • Donnie Soloman's GremlinX.Com Page
  • Greg Baker's Australian Rebel Site
  • Craig Bond's Matador Coupe Page
  • Trunnion Rebuilder AMCs through 1969 have a trunnion instead of an upper ball joint, through 1962 upper and lower trunions.
  • Robert Hanson's (mramx2u) 1971 Javelin Restoration

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