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AMC bought Jeep from Kaiser in 1970

They made 4 Wheelin' part of American Culture

Cool Things AMC did for Jeep

  • Put V8s in Jeeps
  • The Hurst Commando
  • The CJ-7
  • Put Automatics in Jeeps (maybe not cool,
    but this helped them to sell many more of them)
  • Made the Sporty 2 door Full Size Jeep Cherokees
    out of the family Wagoneer station wagon.
    One of the companies all time best sellers of the 70s.
  • Put Levi's Interiors in Jeeps
  • The Renegade, Loredo, Golden Eagle, Honcho, Sarah
  • Created the 80s XJ (smaller 2nd generation Cherokees)
  • Created the Wrangler
  • Put V8s in Jeeps



1971 Special Addition Renegade Colors


1971 Hurst Commando

Very Cool Color Shots of the Hurst Jeepster





1986 Cherokee Chief Ad


1986 Wagoneers Ad


Levi's Jeep Ad


1971 Ad


1971 Ad




1976 Ad


Early 80s ad


1979 Honcho Ad


1970 Jeep Prototype


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