The Hornets were made from 1970 through 1977. The Gremlin is it's little brother. The 1978 and up Concords, Spirits, and 4WD Eagles are pretty much reworked Hornets. This makes many parts (mechanical and body) easily interchangable on these 1970-1988 cars.

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1970 introduction magazine ad


1970 brochure cover




1972 Hornet magazine ad


1971 Hornet/SC 360 magazine ad

1971 Hornet/SC 360 brochure scans



1972 HornetX




1973 Levis Hornet Hatchback ad


From 1975 Sales Brochure



Stunt show Hornet

Neat Hornet prototype


From 1973 Sales Brochure



Gucci Designed Hornet Sportabout Wagon Interior. See the Javelin interior designed by Pierre Cardin, or the Matador interior designed by Oleg Cassini, or the Gremlin interior designed by Levis




1970 Hornet SST 2 door, 2/4 door sedans from 1970 sales brochure


Mid 70's W.I.N. Whip Inflation Now sticker (courtesy of tom benvie)


1971 Hornet Sportabout wagon postcard


Good old 1970's plaid Hornet seats
Come on now....some of you had or have red and green plaid pants to match these seats


James Bond's Hornet jumping over a river, from Man With The Golden Gun


James crashes through the Dealership window.



Groovy 1970's Hornet bumper stickers (courtesy eddie stakes planet houston amx).



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