The Gremlin Grembin Page 4

From 1970 Brochure


Gremlin Prototype with roll out Grembin. This was a proposal to make loading it easier.


The SnakeMan drives a Gremlin (From Bart Mangrum)

1978 paint scheme prototype called The Sundowner


Prototype work showing how the Hornet was shortened to form the Gremlin


From 1970 brochure


1978 Gremlin with Audi 2.0 Liter 4 cylinder
-AMC used Audi 4 cylinders for a short time
-They then used a Pontiac 151 cid for their 4 cylinder cars
-About the end of 1983 they made their own 151 straight 4 cylider, by chopping off 2 cylinders from their tried and true 6 cylinders. This enabled them to share some of the tooling for the 4 and 6 cylinder motors. This actually turned out to be a nice 4 cylinder.



1970 Press Release


1970s Gremlin Button


Wally Booth's Drag Gremlin


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