Gremlin Grembin Page 3

From 1970 Brochure


1972 Flyer for SideWinder sidepipes


Cargo Cover and Package retainer option flyer
(courtesy Tom Benvie)


1970 Gremlin in AMC Design Studio


Stripe kits availableto dealers through AMC to snazz up the more plain Gremlins


1978 Gremlin from sales brochure


Gremlin Go Cart Flyer. These were available through dealers

Gremlin Go Cart (photo courtesy eddie stakes)


Racing Gremlins





Another Odd Rod Sticker


2000 KIA brochure. Family buries their Gremlin

My version


Model Kit


Champion ad (courtesy Bart Mangrum)


From Lenox hand tools brochure (courtesy Bob Kowalski)


GremlinX (71-73) in Crusher. Very sad. (courtesy of John Black Salina, KS)


From 1970 brochure


70-73 Gremlin Specs


Gremlin Cartoon


**Make your own Gremlin**
(courtesy Tom Benvie)
This is a cardboard
Cut-N-Paste dealer promo Gremlin
Click Here to open full picture
Print it out on heavy paper stock or posterboard
Note: prints out best on Macs with IE


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