Gremlin Grembin Page 2


Odd Rod Sticker


1973 Levi's Gremlin Ad


Hot Wheels Greased Gremlins

Tootsie Toy Gremlins


Hot Rod 6 cylinder


1976 GremlinX Nose w/bicentenial license plate


This is what your Gremlin may look like if it is getting stolen by the Grem-Burgler!
From 1974 traveling tips and accessories booklet.


1970 magazine ad.
If it's good enough for Uncle's good enough for me


Tee or should I say Pee shirt (shirts made by


1978 Gremlin going into spray booth at assembly plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
(from The Betsy tape courtesy Tom Benvie)



1974-75 GremlinX in a flood. I didn't know that they made a Gremlin Amphicar;-)


1972 GremlinX in Wild Plum from sales brochure


1974 postcard


1978 GremlinGT. Even more fancy than the GremlinX.
The last year for the Gremlin


1973 magazine ads

From 1970 1/2 brochure...Gremlin the best car for circling the ladies on the beach


Odd Rod Sticker


Magazine ads (courtesy lu delucy)



Pre-Gremlin design sketches


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