Promotional Tagline: Hey Lady, were's the rest of your car!
1970's CB lingo for the Gremlin: Breaker 19 we have a Roller Skate. Over!

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I have a hidden Easter Egg on this page. Mouse around to find it. It's funny!

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GremlinMan and Pacer Tee Shirts

The Gremlin was introduced on April Fools day 1970, and made through 1978.
These Gremlin pages are my biggest. There's just so much great Gremlin stuff.

This is a DayGlo Gremlin give away sticker.
My sister Pam bought a new 1973 Red Gremlin (red with gold and black rally stripe) and got a handful Of these.

Dealership Window circa 1970


1970 Ad


Hot Wheels Open Fire Gremlins
I'm looking for some of these!!! Email: ArcticBoy


1971 Ad



1973 magazine ad. Gremlins are becoming the hottest car to collect and restore.
The V-8 GremlinX is the most sought after.


The famous Gremlin Levis Interior (1973). The Ultimate in 1970's car interiors. It was available throughout the '70's in Gremlins, Hornets, and Jeeps. Levis covered seats and door panels.


This is an unbelievable 1972 Hurst Gremlin Highway Rescue System 1
This Gremlin came with the jaws of life, a 25-gallon water tank, full complement of life support equipment, push bumpers, jumper cables, and electric winch...for about $13,000. Too Cool!!



Free Kissy Lips Decals and enter to win an Ultrabrite Kissy Lips Gremlin.
(this great ad courtesy of Eddie Stake's Planet Houston AMX)


1970 1/2 introduction brochure


1970 postcard


Gremlin vs The bug



The Gremlin 128 horse power. The Bug 57 horse power. Gremlin wins!
You're getting warm to finding the Easter egg!


1974 magazine ad. In '74 they changed to the hockey stick stripe and added gills


We're clearing out the '74's...


1973 Magazine ad


1977 GremlinX from sales brochure


Stunt show Gremlin in action


Real Gone Gremlin


Drag Racer Shirley Shahan with her 1971 Drag Gremlin


Gremlins are still making the comics and newspapers

From Boston Herold. Is the Gremlin prefered car of gen-xers?


From 1975 Sales Brochure


Gremlin the car for honeymooners


Hans Moleman's Gremlin (from The Simpsons)



Marge's high school Gremlin (from The Simpsons)


From 1973 Brochure, Gremlin Shown in Maxi Blue with Rally Stripe. This was the color to have with the Levis interior.


From 1977 Brochure, Gremlin seats. What's your favorite Hot Scotch Plaid, or the Levi's?...


1977/78 style Gremlin in car alarm ad (courtesy of bob deandrea).


April 1970 Newsweek Cover


1972 Softtop Sunroof GremlinX, from sales brochure


1970's T-Shirt Transfer


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