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1961 postcard


1961 Ambassador from magazine ad.


1961 Postcard


1961 Postcard


1961 Postcard


1960 Seats


1961 Postcard


1966 Postcard showing the Classic line


A custom 1966 Rambler Classic 3 seat wagon called the St Moritz. The back windows and roof treatment are one of a kind. The neatest Rambler wagon I have seen. (courtesy tom benvie)


1972 Ambassador 2 door SST 401 cid



1964 Postcard


1963 Twin Stick


1965 postcard...base models always look so simply cool


1960 postcard


George Romney (AMC President from the early 1950's-early 1960's) leaving work in 1961.


1965 ad

French 1968 Ambassador ad


1966 Ambassador ad

1961 Heavy Duty Brochure


Dealership 1966 getting ready for the 67's with a new sign
(courtesy of the AMCRC Rambler Reader)


1960 Postcard


1968 Postcard


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