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1984 Eagle Ad (courtesy of mark hamburger)


Eagle Wagons

Official vehicle of the Ski Patrol

Eagle pulling Airstream


Great price for a sharp little 1980's car


1983 Eagle sedan


1983 Spirit GT's



1978 Concord Hatchback. See the 1978 Concord based AMX on my AMX Page.

1978 Concord D/L Wagon

Concords comming off of the assembly line circa 1979.


1983 Concord sedan

1979 Concord hatchback (last year for Hornet style hatchback)


Spirit newspaper ad (courtesy of leon doneski)


1979 Spiritmagazine ad (courtesy Lu Delucy)

1981 Spirit magazine ad (courtesy Lu Delucy)


Concord in Sears ad (courtesy Lu Delucy)


1981 coach built Concord convertible called the Sundancer. They were customized by Griffith Company. Sold by AMC as limited additions.

They did an Eagle version also just called the Eagle Convertible.


1980 2-door Eagle from sales brochure


1980 Accesseries


1980 4-door Eagle from sales brochure


Spirit button


1979 magazine ad

1978 Concord Hatchback


Hassan Brothers Quincy, Massachusetts. Long time Nash, Rambler, AMC and still Jeep Dealer (thanks to Dave Hassan).


1980 Spirit that was given away in a raffle by Eastern Massachusetts AMC Dealers to raise money to help fight muscular dystrophy (thanks to Hassan Bros. Jeep Quincy, Mass).

Ronald McDonald with Spirit give-away car


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