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1980 Magazine ad


From 1983 brochure. A neat looking Rally Eagle SX4.




Some great Magazine ads from the 1980's . I'm not sure of the actual years that they are.

(thanks to Lu DeLucy at MagicColor)









The Gremlin this 1982 Spirit Sedan. Basically, it's a later Gremlin with a new rear 1/4 window...

From 1980 brochure.'s alive...The Gremlin lives my favorite Eagle. This is a 1982 Eagle Kammback from brochure. It's a 4-wheel drive Gremlin right from the factory. They only made them in 1981 and 1982.


Kammback from 1981 brochure




1979 Spirit press Photo (courtesy of eddie stakes)


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