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Alabama State Police Javelins. John Rosa's great JavelinAmx site has lots of information on these Javelin Police cars




Colorado Eagle Police car. Photo courtesy of Dan Meyer's nice AMC Eagle site ( lots of Eagle tech tips).

Eagle wagon Police car (courtesy of Jared M).


1962 Police fleet ad


Good 72 Matador interior shot


S.W.A.T Team 1973 Matador (L.A. Team 75)


Action shot of 1950-51 Ambassador (I think) Police


1974 Coffin Nosed Matador Police Cars.




Another 1972 Matador Police Car...he's getting away in a Pacer...repeat...Pacer....

thanks to Roger Blake for sending me the Rockford tape.

Rockford gets pulled over by the Matador


1970's Tonka Pacer Police car. See more neat AMC toys from my collection at ArcticBoys Toys.


More late model Matador Police cars





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