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The 1968-1970 2 seater AMX's are the most collected and respected of all the American Motors cars
(the most valuable also).

1968 publicity photos



1970 Studio picture


Cover of Americana. These are great dealership waiting room magazines.
Courtesy Tom Benvie

Win a 1970 AMX!!!

I like this plain jane 1968 AMX publicity photo. It doesn't have any stripes, and has fake mag hubcaps, not the real mags. (another photo sent to me by eddie stakes planet houston amx)

1971 Javelin AMX from sales brochure. From 1971-1974 the AMX became a fancier hot rodded up Javelin instead of having it's unique body style like the 1968-1970 2 seater AMX's.

1972 Javelin AMX

The AMX name disappeared in 1975 and 1976. It returned in 1977 as a fancy Hornet hatchback.
(ad courtesy lu delucy)


1978 Concord based AMX's (courtesy Lu Declucy)


From 1979 brochure


1970 390 fender emblem

1968 Playboy Playmate of the year Angela Dorian got a pink AMX from American Motors. She still has it


1970 Magazine ads

Slightly disguised 1970 AMX used in a Banacek tv episode as the Phoenix. An experimental crash/driver proof car.


Here are some prototype AMX's. I have more AMX prototypes on my Strange AMC Page

This great prototype 1968 AMX-GT was made two years before the Gremlin came out...easy to see where the Gremlin design came from.' Looks like someone welded a Gremlin rear onto a 1968 AMX front.
(photo courtesy of planet houston amx)

The AMX2 prototype (from 1969 magazine)

Race Car Driver Mark Donahue with 1970 AMX3. A mid-Engine 390 cid car. Only 5 were built

Full size Clay model showing differance between Javelin and AMX

Clay prototype takes shape

1969 AMX Pace car starting 1969 Trans Am Race

1972 AMX Magazine AD

1968 AMX Champion Sparkplug magazine AD. Craig Breedlove and his wife Lee raced AMX's.

Model Kit Box of the Drag On Lady

1969 brochure

1969 brochure

1969 Big Bad Green AMX.(bb orange Javelin go package, and a basic bb blue Javelin in background).

Odd Rod Sticker


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