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1961 PostCard


1967 Magazine Ad


1965 American 220 postcard


1967 American Sedan Drag car by Randall. Randall was a dealership in AZ
that specialized in hot rodding new AMC's. I like the Ford Falcon next to it.
(from AMCRC Rambler Reader)


1962 PostCard


New 1967 Rambler American Drag car with the price of a new American on rear quarter. ($1,839)
(from AMCRC Rambler Reader)


1963 PostCard


1968/69 American unibody on assembly line
(from AMCRC Rambler Reader)


1966 magazine ad


1967 brochure of the American 220


1967 Rogue from brochure


1961 Postcard


The last car to bear the Rambler name (1969 AMC Rambler) coming off of the assembly line in Kenosha, WI. 4,204,925 Ramblers were made between 1950 (when Nash brought back the Rambler name) and June 1969. Very sad.


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