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1959 Postcard


1966 Postcard


1959 American Interior


Fleet brochure


1965 American 220 Wagon from brochure


1964 American convertible interior and exterior



1967 magizine ad.


Plenty of room for your watermelons in the 1968 American Trunk


Sidney Dickson's 1968 American. Driven in 1968 rally race from London to Sydney, Australia

Great Picture of Sid's American from 1991 Mount Washington Hillclimb in Gorham, New Hampshire.
(courtesy of Charlie Cotterman) See more of old number 53


1969 2 and 4 door 440's. The last year for the American body style. It was actually called the AMC Rambler in 1969.




1969 American 440 Wagon from sales brochure. The 1966-1969 American wagons were all very similar.


Seinfeld's 1966 American 440 from American Express tv ad


1965 postcard


1967 American Racer (photo courtesy of Purcell Family Racing)



First Dunkin Doughnuts with 61-63 style Rambler American parked out front.
(there is also a full size Rambler next to convertible)


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