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1958 Americans being built in Kenosha, Wi


1965 440H. The 440H was the special American for 64 and 65.

1966 Rogue. The Rogue was the special American from 1966-1969.
The 69 SC/Rambler was a the specially built up Rogue (see further down).
Dave Scott's Rambler Rogue Site has more info on the Rogues, and includes the Rogue and American Registries.


1967 Rogue

1968 Rogue


From 1959 American sales brochure




The 1958-1960 American was a slightly restyled version of the compact 1950-1955 Nash Rambler. The first time a car company brought back a model that they had discontinued 2 years earlier. They were very popular and a good value. 1959 American Super from American brochure.

1959 American Continental Kit


1960 postcard


As Rambler buffs know...This body style was used from
1961 thru 1963. Some people call them The Bread Box Ramblers.
They are one of my favorite American body style.

From A 1963 booklet.




1961 4-door and the rare 2-door Bread Box body style American Wagons


1963 magazine ad

This little cartoon dude is all over the place in early 1960's ads.

"The SC/Rambler" Built by AMC in 1969 in conjunction with Hurst. There were 1512 of these economical Hot Rods made. The most outragous, and wild of the AMC muscle cars
I have some somewhat rare Sc/Rambler toys for sale

Two Red, White, and Blue paint schemes were available.
A Scheme Paint

B Scheme paint




1969 Sc/Rambler pace car Golden Spur Raceway in Abington, Mass. (courtesy of tom benvie)



1965 American 440 convertible from sales brochure.




1967 magazine ad. This is the ad for my car.


1966 Rogue from magazine ad. Stripes were added for the ad only. The Rogue was fancy the top of the line American.


1966 Brochure



1960 PostCard


VW micro bus ad comparing VW with America's biggest wagon (Chrysler maybe?) and to America's smallest wagon (Rambler American...I think it's a 1965)


1968 Ad


1968 Piggyback Ad


Another VW attack Ad (1968)
American Motors' Rambler, the only car this country has that fights back.


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