The 1950 Nash Rambler is considered America's first compact car, or at least the first to be called a compact. In 1954 Nash and Hudson merged to form American Motors. The Rambler line was so successful that the Nash and Hudson names were eventually dropped. In 1958 The Rambler became it's own brand. Be sure to stop by my Metropolitan page to see the cute miniature 1950's car.

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1950 Nash Rambler roll top convertible


1958 Cartoons


1958 Rambler Sedans


1955 sales brochure




1958 Rambler ad. The cartoon ads from the 50's and early 60's were famous. They are always knocking the big three's gas guzzler cars.


From 1954 Nash Rambler sales brochure




Hood ornament model (Nash was famous for their busty women hood ornaments in the 50's)



1950 Nash Airflyte Magazine ad


1949 magazine ad (same body style as 1950)


1950 small car comparison Nash Rambler, Austin A40 , and Kaiser Henry J


1950 Rambler convertible. Lois Lane had one of these in the 1950's Superman tv show. This is from an original factory photograph.

1954 convertible


1956 Cartoons

1958 postcards




From 1956 Hudson/Rambler Brochure


1956 Rambler brochure




1951 and 1952 San Diego Drag Pictures.




Rambler tops with the ladies (1955)...

and the fishermen (1950)


Flathead 6


1950 Country Club


US Post Office 1953 Nash Rambler delivery wagon


1957 Nash Ambassador Special


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