ArcticBoy's 1967 Rambler American Project


This is what I've been up to during the Summer/Fall of 2000
(and you thought that all that I did was add stuff to my site)

The car is originally from Montana.

It's a 1967 Rambler American 220
2 Door Sport Sedan
Model 6706
Hialeah Yellow w/black and white interior
232 1 barrel,
3 speed column shift car

I bought it in 1985, and used it as a daily driver until 1993
It's been garaged for the past 7 years
This spring I finally started rebuilding the drive train.
I am going to have the body repainted
and detail the interior, and trunk as well
I'm also going to be removing
the 440 trim that I added to it years ago

I'll post more picts as I progress

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